POhWER Gloucestershire have celebrated International Volunteers Day by Providing their volunteers with a thank you lunch!

The lunch was used an opportunity to review how the volunteers have found working with POhWER and to plan exciting opportunities for the future. As part of the event feedback on the volunteers from the team was provided:


‘The volunteer has impressed me with their enthusiasm to learn more about the role of the IA and has been very observant during his shadowing opportunities. They had a lot of questions, which is great and indicates that they think a lot about what the role entails.’


‘They shared some of their own experiences with me, which I thought was very honest and trusting (of me?) in this regard. They have shown to be insightful to clients’ situations, although they explained ‘not to know much learning disability’ and presented himself to be respectful and empathic.’


‘Having a volunteer to support with a home visit was a real help. They were able to support at short notice and arrived on time at the agreed meeting point.  They chatted to the client while I was writing tings down, so this really helped the meeting go smoothly’

‘All of my experiences with the volunteers have been positive, they have always shown a great interest and helped with talking with the client.’

‘I’ve found the volunteer very attentive, motivated and considerate of client needs and a great support to the wider team.’



‘Having regular shadowing with the same volunteer has allowed the volunteer to build on their skills, they input into the meetings, asking questions and clarifying things. As time has moved on they are now able to check records which helps to speed up the process.’


‘The volunteers are always friendly, approachable and are very dedicated to making the peer advocacy course as best it can be.’


‘It has been a very fantastic experience working with the volunteers.  Their experience, whether as former professionals in social care or of having lived experience of services has been extremely useful to our service. I look forward to learning and gaining more with them going forward.’


If you are interested in volunteering with POhWER Gloucestershire please email [email protected] for further information.