Can you help us with PPE?

During the COVID-19 crisis, POhWER has been impacted by restrictions on what units and locations we can provide our services in, such as closures of hospital wards, secure units and care homes. However, we have been able to move swiftly to a remote human right based working model and establish protocols to make sure we can keep in touch and provide the required support to the most vulnerable. 

For many of the people we support, an advocate is someone they trust, someone who they know will stand up for their rights and fight their corner. Not being able to see their advocate is a challenge for some people, but we have worked really hard to make sure we can stay in touch with people, making sure they can continue to speak with and have contact with their advocate.

We are starting to plan our return to these hospital wards, secure units and care homes. Safety and peace of mind for our independent advocates is paramount for this return to work post-lockdown. We are looking for PPE pro bono donations at this critical time. 

Are you a corporate or small business who is in a position to donate PPE to POhWER? We are looking for the following items:

•        Face masks (Disposable and Washable)

•        Disposable aprons

•        Disposable gloves

•        Antibacterial gel

•        Antibacterial spray

•        Disposable cloths

•        Head Visors

•        Disposable carrier bags

If you are in a position to help us with PPE donation, please email us on [email protected] 

Cash donations are also welcome and would enable us to ensure our charitable funds are better used in the fight for human rights. You can donate via this link here