This October until Christmas we’re inviting avid gamers – and those who are interested in gaming – to get involved in Play 4 POhWER.

Essentially, the campaign will see those taking part gaming for a massive 12 hours all in a bid to raise as much money as possible for POhWER.

You can play whatever game you like; you just need to make sure you sign-up using POhWER’s online form, have a Twitch account and link your Twitch account to Tiltify in order to be able to receive donations.

To help you prepare and while you play, POhWER will offer gamers a guide on overlays, tips for a successful fundraiser, tips on managing their well-being over the course of the 12 hours, and downloadable shout-out templates for social media on the POhWER website.

Fiona McArthur-Worbey, POhWER’s Director of Fundraising & Engagement, said: “We’re so thrilled to announce a new fundraising campaign in the run-up to Christmas. 

“Gamers can help to raise vital funds for us by taking part in Play 4 POhWER. All they need to do is pick a game and live-stream themselves playing it for half a day, using the platform, Twitch. Once linked to Tiltify, they will be able to begin their fundraising. 

“It is so important that we, as a charity encourage as many gamers involved as possible so we can expand our community work providing specialist advice, information and advocacy services to as many people as we can.

“In 2022, we know gaming is a favourite pastime for many of our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. We hope to engage new audiences and raise awareness of human rights and our work here in the UK.

“The Play 4 POhWER campaign is something we can all participate in – whether you love action, strategy or sport games we are excited to watch you stream.”

“And for anyone who doesn’t want the gaming to end, we hope to pencil this into POhWER’s calendar as a permanent fixture and a regular fundraising event.”

Check out our Play for POhWER Page for more info.