EmPOhWER Nottingham: empowering people through advocacy’ event was held at the Pearson centre in Beeston on 19th October.

POhWER delivered a range of workshop focusing on empowering individuals through particular legislation, assessment and skills. Sanchita Hoseli (British Institute of Human Rights) gave an extremely interesting speech on how advocacy safeguards human rights. The British Institute of Human Rights also piloted their new online advocacy tool exclusively on the day.

Elliot Gold (Serjeant Inn Chambers) delivered a highly informative talk on the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and Lorna Genas (NHS compliant client) was inspirational when sharing how advocacy empowered her during the most difficult time in her life.

Throughout the day, there was a vibrant energy from participants from different backgrounds. Advocates, professionals, service users and other services networked and discussed relevant issues, sharing their unique perspectives.

Rosie Glows provided delicious vegan dishes from a horse box at the front of the venue and homemade cakes and dessert were consumed throughout the day. There was a positive consensus of feedback, with attendees leaving some empowering messages to POhWER.