BIG Half, tired legs, doubled money. MASSIVE THANKS TO YOU!


Tower BridgeIt was a tad cold under the fantastic snow-cleansed blue sky as I Mark in his POhWER t-shirt and hatstrolled somewhat nervously to Tower Bridge.

Great atmosphere though among 11,000 runners and nearly as many supporters.

Big visibility for the POhWER cap and t-shirt

What a privilege to follow in the great Mo Farah’s running steps. He ran ALL the 13.5miles basically at four-minute mile pace – one hour job done, incredible.

As he finished, I struggled past half way!!! ‘His’ hour had been ok for me but my legs decided they'd had plenty of strides by then. Fair cop I suppose if Mo's were relaxing now why shouldn't mine!

But you kept me going with all the sponsorship you kindly put POhWER's way. You and the knowledge that the people POhWER supports face far bigger challenges in their lives. The knowledge that POhWER needs more funds to say yes to more people who currently can’t get our support.

You got me over the line – legs done, job done.

You came up trumps. I’d expected to shed a few pounds with my double it offer, not the full £500 but this I’ve now chipped willingly in.

You helped POhWER smash the target totalling a tremendous c. £1,400 (including GiftAid).


And who knows a little more may still come in.