POhWER’s Pan London Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service are supporting and presenting in this weeks Carers Week at events around London.

Yesterday in Hammersmith and today at Kingston Carers Network. Jenny Dowell, Advocate, was at White City Community Centre Hammersmith yesterday and says ‘carers talked of their support of the NHS but they are worried that people are being discharged from hospital too early without adequate social care and community support.’

Stephanie Linden shared with Kingston Carers today their shock of the tower block inferno in west London last night and says ‘carers are desperately worried that after the terrorist attacks and now the London fire, hospitals are under huge pressure and all these injured people will need carers and so it’s very important for carers to come together this week to share how we can best support each other.

We will share more tomorrow from the Carers Week Health & Information event in Kensington.