21st November is Carers Rights Day and the theme this year is 'Helping you find your way’.

Here are two stories of how advocates empower carers through their rights.

Story 1

Danielle (Independent Advocate) spoke to a carer at the Tesco Carers Hub meeting, who just found out he had terminal cancer. He is a carer for his wife who have dementia and was very worried about what was going to happen with his wife and what support she would get when he died. Danielle explained what POhWER is, his rights as a carer, and what additional support in the area is available. The carer seemed relieved that there was support for his wife after he was gone.

Story 2

Jill (Independent Advocate) spoke at a carer support group, where she met a gentleman who have a kidney disease, his wife have dementia and they care for their daughter who have severe autism. The gentleman was very concerned that after he and his wife pass away there will be no one independent who could support their daughter with decision making. Jill explained how POhWER can support decision making under the Care Act and the Mental Capacity Act, that POhWER are independent, enforce the individual’s rights and ensure they are at the centre of decision making. The carer said he felt like he could not die because there will not be anyone to support his daughter’s rights. After Jill’s conversation he felt reassured and more at ease with the support available.