We are excited to announce that as of mid February 2020, we are rebranding with a new logo, strapline, colour scheme and website.

What is changing?

POhWER is changing its appearance, this will include a new logo and strapline. Our new look uses a new colour pallet, accessible fonts and dynamic images to better represent who POhWER are.

What will stay the same?

We’re the same organisation with the same mission and values, just with a new look. We have kept our name, POhWER, to honour our roots and founders.

Why are we rebranding?

We have decided to rebrand after 23 years to move with the times and bring POhWER into a new era. With the new brand we aim to be more accessible, approachable and straightforward whilst showing our passion and commitment for the work we do. Our brand makes us more recognisable to clients and stakeholders and raises awareness of what we do as a charity.

When will we launch the new branding?

Our website and print materials will be launched in the new branding in early February – do come back and check it out.