POhWER CEO Helen MoulinosI joined POhWER in May 2020 in the middle of our generation’s worst health and social care crisis – Covid-19 pandemic. The opportunity to lead POhWER at a time where advocating for equal treatment and access in social care for those of us living with mental health, impairment and disability is more important now than ever as our society fragments and becomes more isolated during Covid-19.

POhWER’s mission to address inequality in society through social care support and advocacy resonates with my own values. POhWER is one of the Charity sector’s best kept secrets supporting thousands each year to live independent lives. I see incredible potential for us to be reaching more people in the next few years, growing POhWER and look forward to moving forward to the next stage of our growth building movements and influencing change on a grander scale.

Since it was founded, POhWER’s commitment and unwavering efforts in health and social care has been significant supporting thousands of people in Britain. Our commitment to pushing on those closed doors - fighting for equal treatment, empowerment and independent choices will only grow and our voices over the next few years will be heard louder than ever in every corner of British society.

I live with PTSD and hearing impairment following on from surviving 9/11 attacks in New York and have coped with lifelong dyslexia and depression. It is important to me that all barriers to independent choices and equal treatment for 13.9m people living with disability in Britain are removed in our society.

I have previously held senior interim roles most recently as the Director of Change Delivery at Marie Curie, one of Britain’s largest Charities and an established leader in Social Care.  Prior to this I was the Chief Operating Officer of Stonewall Europe’s largest LGBT+ Human Rights organisation in Europe. Over a 25-year career, I have held senior Organisational Change and Transformation positions the Charity Sector for Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society and The Children’s Society and the private sector for Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC. I bring a creative, empathetic but commercial leadership style to POhWER.

I am personally motivated and driven by a passion to deliver sustainable change to address inequality in society and have always been an active human rights advocate, believing in the power of an individual’s diversity. I have advocated for change in HIV/AIDS community, LGBT+ Rights, Mental Health and acted as a coach and pro bono consultant to Civil Society.  For the last 30 years since I was a student, I have actively advocated for Sexual Health and Mental Health reform in New York and London and served as a Civil Society Board Trustee and Volunteer. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Studies from Hofstra University and Master of Science degree in Finance from Baruch City University of New York. Originally from New York, I now live in North London since re-locating in 2001. I have a passion for experimental cooking, yin yoga, long distance walking and off the beaten track travel.

You can email me at [email protected] or follow me on Twitter @helenmoulinos or LinkedIn: Helen Moulinos