A picture of POhWER Regional Manager David BeerI joined POhWER in 2014 and as the current Regional Manager for London and Medway I’m required as part of my role to support partnerships with Local Authorities and Councils who are commissioning statutory and non statutory advocacy for residents and their carers.

My work history has included Her Majesty’s Royal Navy and Her Majesty’s Prison service where I specialised in Physical Education, Training/Education, Resettlement and Community reintegration post release of offenders.

Having 25 years of operational experience I bring ‘Open and Transparent processes’ to the charity. With this comes confident decisions and thorough reviews so achieving cost effective practices and increased output so affecting Local Authorities positively, gaining greater outcomes for clients and increasing variety for my staff and peers.

POhWER is without doubt changing, creatively moving forward and meeting the climate of the nation. It’s a pleasure to be part of this change and influencing how care for those identified keeps going forward and making lives better for all, including families and communities.