POhWER's Advocates in Gloucestershire will be providing an information stand at a NHS Gloucestershire Care Services’ Mental Health and Dementia event, which includes continuing professional development (CPD).

The event will provide a platform for professionals to develop their understanding of mental health and dementia and share good practice.

Workshops and talks taking place throughout the day will be on:

  • Mindfulness / anxiety management
  • Aromatherapy workshop
  • Psychosis / hallucinations / glasses /perceptual disturbances
  • 5 ways to mental wellbeing / sleep hygiene / activities
  • Understanding of someone’s life story (Graham Stokes) / case study
  • Mental Health Inpatient Care

This will be an informative interesting event the and it costs £30 a head to attend the day which includes lunch and refreshments.

 If you are interesting in attending contact Care Home Support Team on Telephone: 0300 421 8627 or Email: [email protected]