Today we launched our public petition calling on members of the general public sign up to protect the Human Rights Act.

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People of different ages and nationalities

On May 19th 2022, we launched our public petition to raise our concerns about the proposed scrapping of the Human Rights Act, and the proposed introduction of the Bill of Rights.

The Human Rights Act commits public authorities to comply with the European Convention of Human Rights in their policies, procedures and decision making. Independent Advocates working across hundreds of Charities each year see the positive impact that the Human Rights Act has had on the people they support each year.

Without the Human Rights Act, the modern advocacy profession might not exist with the same powerful impact or independent scrutiny. The Human Rights Act is at the epi-centre of a framework of rights and entitlements complemented by the Equality Act, Care Act, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, Liberty Protection Safeguards, Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act, related legislation in the devolved nations and Safeguarding.

Thanks to the Human Rights Act advocates are able to independently challenge public authorities that support us in our everyday lives. We help people to live as equals through the cases we manage, and to have their human rights upheld in public services.

If you are an Advocate, Community Organiser, Campaigner, Charity or any other Organisation impacted by proposed changes to the Human Rights Act who would like be added to the mailing list for future activity or for other queries relating to this petition please contact POhWER Chief Executive at [email protected] who can support you with your query.

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