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We help people who, because of disability, illness, social exclusion and other challenges, find it difficult to express their views or get the support they need.

Our mission is to empower people to have a voice and make a real difference to their lives. We do this by speaking for them when they can't and supporting them to speak for themselves when they can.

We are a charity and the advocacy, information and advice services we provide are free, independent and confidential.

London Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service (IHCAS)

Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service for people who wish to make a complaint about treatment provided under the NHS. In London we provide this service to the residents of 20 boroughs.


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Make a referral

If you or someone you know needs support, you can make a referral to our services now or call 0300 456 2370 to speak to our Information, Advice and Advocacy Support Officers.


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Guidance about Advocacy during Coronavirus

Many questions are being asked about how advocacy services can still operate during these challenging times. This page provides an overview of how services are changing to ensure advocacy support is still available. We hope this information proves useful to professionals, people who need to use advocacy services and other advocacy providers.


Author: Sukhwinder Kaur

Our Impact 2019-2020


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Each year, more and more vulnerable people need us to help them speak up and be heard. To help them, we need you to help us. Donate now and help us change a vulnerable person's life for the better.

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