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Welcome to POhWER Hertfordshire

POhWER has been working in Hertfordshire since 1996. Last year we supported 5,023 people in the County. Read our latest POhWER Hertfordshire Newsletter to find out what POhWER has been up to recently in Hertfordshire.

POhWER are pleased to announce that as of 1 October 2014, we are delivering a new service called 'Three Rivers Community Navigators' in Hertfordshire.

Our services in HertfordshireSt Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire

Advocacy under the Care Act

We are delivering advocacy under the Care Act in your area. Local Authoricity social care teams (and designated organisations) can make a referral to our service for you using the referral form below.

Care Act Referral Form

We will be able to:

  • support you to prepare for your care assessment, meetings or safeguarding enquiries
  • help you to understand the care and support processes and options available to you
  • make sure you feel able to give your views and wishes about your care and support needs
  • work with you so that you are able to make your own decisions
  • support you and represent you when appropriate, to challenge decisions made if it is felt that your views have not been taken into account.

For further information, please contact your Local Authority.

‘Help’ in Hertfordshire

A man and a womanMary, 85, cares for her husband Paul, 90, who has Parkinsons and other problems. The radiator in their kitchen/living room had broken down and to keep warm they put on their gas oven and left the door open. Costs mounted, but what could they do?

'I called plumbers, but they wanted more than £50 just to come out and we couldn't afford that,' Mary said, 'so we just suffered in silence.'

Then she remembered a leaflet that had come through the door of their Stevenage home telling residents to call HertsHelp if they needed assistance.

'I called the number and explained that my husband had Parkinsons and we were cold.'

The HertsHelp assistant searched the HertsHelp network and the voluntary organisation groundwork was contacted. They visited, asked how they could help - and very soon a grant of £200 was given to Mary and Paul who bought a new radiator. 'We had some money left over and we used this to pay off some of the gas bill,' a delighted Mary said.

Then groundwork came to put safety locks and draft excluders on the front and back doors, and give the couple new fleeces, water bottles and winter socks.

'It was wonderful,' Mary said, 'we were warm, snug, safe - and all because I made that call to HertsHelp.'

In a follow-up call Mary was given information about other help available to her.

HertsHelp advisors can help by suggesting and contacting other organisations with services that may be useful, such as financial advice, specialist healthcare and support for carers.

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